Founded in 1987, Harbin Dongwei Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. is located in High-tech Development Zone, Harbin known as a northern ice city, and currently has more than 200 employees including more than 30 medium & senior technicians, with the total assets of 0.16 billion yuan. Since the localization transformation of high-speed wire imported rolling mill equipment and spare parts of Ministry of Metallurgical Industry in the late 1980s, the company has been listed as a designated manufacturer by Ministry of Metallurgical Industry. It boasts strong technical innovation and product development capabilities. MORGAN, ASHLOW, DANIELI & DEMARK series short stress and thick intermediate rolling mills, roll system spare parts, bearing seats, hardened face gears, helical bevel gears, equal-height bevel gears, hardened face reducers and crowned teeth couplings, hardened face gears, high-speed heavy-duty gearboxes, flexible couplings, roll collar retainers and taper sleeves of finishing mills, and rolling guide & guard, sliding guide & guard, torsion guide & guard and segmentation guide & guard assemblies, water-cooling guide & guard assemblies, flying shear deflectors, guide rollers and plug-in components, which are produced in more than ten years, are widely applied to all the high-speed wire plants, rod wire plants and small & medium-sized steel rolling mills in China and completely meet the requirements of actual application. Particularly, short stress rolling mills, spare parts, high-speed heavy-duty gearboxes, flexible couplings, hardened face reducers and other products are highly praised by customers, making great contributions to the localization of rolling mill spare parts in China.
By taking the creation of a domestic first-class enterprise as its objective and the revitalization of national aerospace, aviation & steel industries as its own responsibilities, the company positively participates in domestic and international market competitions, and strives to improve and enhance its integral competitive strength, thus growing quickly and increasingly and forming stronger advantages in the development.



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